This site is not 100% working as it should, but all functionality basically is.

The idea is to create a site that can be used by anyone that is making Industrial music, to promote events, and news about their bands. There are many news sites that wants some kind of payment to promote bands, and this site is to avoid these news sites/magazines (They are not all bad).

FB is where most promote their stuff now, and that gives a bit of an issue, since this will not come up high on Google searches. Events and news from FB can be copied in here, and the links should all be working to the different bands/links.

In the future newsletters send to 2inch [æ] will be posted to the news section.

There will be a few changes to the overall design.

Chat have a few issues with how to link Youtube videos, you need to use the long link.

User can submit news, minor design changes will be made. (All will need approval, but that should not take to long)

Under profile you can add events. There will be a venue change, so that venues can be stored a bit better, and there will be a map to find the locations.

Forum should be working, also a few design changes will be made.

Any wishes can be posted on the forum.